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Le buone notizie del 26 luglio


Foto da Slowbike

Exxon Profit Falls Unexpectedly as Oil Output Drops (Update3)


U.S. Stocks Decline on Credit Concerns; Exxon, Builders Fall.


$100 Oil Price May Be Months Away, Say CIBC, Goldman (Update1) by Mark Shenk

Oil is still cheap,” Simmons said. “In the 20th century, with a few exceptions, oil was almost free. The only exceptions were during 1973, 1979 and when Iraq invaded Kuwait.”

A pullout from Iraq may be the event that pushes oil to $100 a barrel, according to Boone Pickens, the Dallas hedge fund manager who has joined Forbes Magazine’s list of billionaires because of his bullish bets on energy prices. Pickens predicted a year ago that $100 oil would probably occur by now. Today he is looking for $80 within six months, and he says growing chaos in Iraq would be a bad sign. “That could run prices pretty high,” he said.

Grazie Bloomberg…

PS Ci mettiamo anche alcune ultime buone dalla rassegna stampa, GUARDATELA!

PPS E ricordate che domani c’è Critical Mass Roma a Piazzale Ostiense..



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