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Pigramente…le auto elettriche

La parola è l’ombra dell’azione. Democrito

Esce un report approfondito, commissionato dall’EEA, sulle possibilità di mercato dell’auto elettrica.

Seguono alcuni estratti dalle conclusioni

pag 134 del report citato dall’EEA:

“The high costs of large battery systems are still considered a
major drawback”

pag 135

“Major strengths of electric propulsion are the efficiency of the powertrain, zero tailpipe emissions and the diversification of energy supply. Major shortcomings are related to the remaining high price premium and driving range limitations. Due to the early stage of technological development only little data on real-world energy consumption is currently available; most of the data are based on simulations, assumptions and estimates.”

“A reliable assessment of the overall energy efficiency and of the related greenhouse gas emissions has to be carried out on a well-to-wheel basis and should rely on real-world energy consumption.”

“vehicle purchase has rather been determined by maximum range requirements that can not be fulfilled by EVs.”

“Due to the early stage of electric vehicle deployment, the economic attractiveness of the mentioned business models remains uncertain”

“A sceptical view on the future potentials of EVs could be derived from the history of electric vehicle development as its market introduction failed already several times within the last decades.”

pag 138

In the scenario where there is no integration between the management strategies of the power sector and the introduction of electric vehicles, an increase in peak load demand can be expected. This may require new investments in generation and grid capacity.
Charging during the night time also increases base load generation. Charging at peak situations implies high electricity generation costs, high grid load and often low-carbon
electricity generation (e.g. gas turbines, pumped storage hydro), whereas charging at base load situations implies low electricity generation costs, more even grid loads and in many, but not all, cases high-carbon (lignite, hard coal) or nuclear electricity generation.

If the event load management is used […] CO2 impacts thus depend on the type of baseload generators in the respective area and base load investment options.[…]

In conclusione, mi chiedo: avevo ragione?


Potential Impacts of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
on Regional Power Generation
, Stanton W. Hadley and Alexandra Tsvetkova, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY

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