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Going nowhere fast – Dura realtà

L’homo automobilis est une personne peu intéressante, qui incarne tout l’individualisme de cette société, toute son agressivité.

Christian Ferrazino, Sindaco di Ginevra

Ho spesso parlato delle strade sbagliate dell’idrogeno, una è la Serie 7 della BMW con (l’inefficiente) motore a scoppio. L’articolo che segue è uscito sul Guardian del 31 maggio.

Serve a dare, in sintesi, la posizione dell’industria automobilistica sulla questione idrogeno: in fondo non ci credono, non è un “mainstream prospect”, ma credono al mainstream dei biocarburanti. Voila l’article.

Going nowhere fast
What’s the point of making hydrogen-powered cars if there’s no fuel for them
Bibi van der Zee

It’s not often ethical living journalists find themselves in the BMW hospitality pavilion at Wentworth golf club, sipping champagne and watching Veejay Singh tee off just a few metres away. (Not often enough, actually.) But readers! There was a reason for all this bacchanalian living, honestly: BMW is introducing the public to its hydrogen-powered 7-Series car, and had offered me a chance to drive it. I’m sure you understand that it was irresistible, as, indeed, is the whole idea of hydrogen power, the near alchemical dream of getting cars to run on a fuel that can be made out of water.

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